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"When Kunal and I decided to get married in January of 2015 we knew it was going to be a very intimate affair with just three functions - a mehendi, the wedding itself and an evening reception with 100 of our nearest and dearest. It was a few days prior to the big day when we stumbled across our friends’ Juhi and Mike’s wedding video on social media. It was to say the least, stunning. The visuals, the music, the absence of intrusion on the part of the videographers, the ease and flow of the edit. The usual perception of a wedding video is a two hour long boring saga that you are subjected to viewing by the misfortune of being close to the couple - this was a two minute breath of fresh air. 

We had not thought of a wedding video until that moment but after seeing that piece we had to track and lock down the makers, the Lightsmiths. I was amazed to see it was a team of two, a perfectly proficient pair Vibhuti and Rahul.

They took the time to understand our vision, to get to know the people we needed to feature in the video, they were punctual, respectful and unintrusive - the latter being especially tough given the wedding only had 30 guests! They worked hard on the edit creating three cuts of different lengths for us. We were married in our living room and when you see the video it captures the simplicity and the intimacy, the formality and solemnity, the nervousness and anxiety, the celebration of our union, and the us-ness of us! Years later when I see the video I am immediately taken back to the place, the time and what I felt...thank you guys for creating the most perfect wedding video for us, one that helps us relive our favourite moments and one can we can share with all our friends and family."


For any couple, their Wedding is one of the most intimate & unforgettable moments in their lives.  The Lightsmiths have this innate ability to capture moments in a way that those moments come alive with every revisit. We could not have asked for anyone better to shoot and capture our precious Wedding moments !


Vibhuti, Rahul & their team at The Lightsmiths deserve great kudos for all their work, dedication & direction while covering our wedding! It was a pleasure working with them before, during & after our nuptials!

Vibhuti & Rahul have built a great team which bring immense talent, creativity & professionalism to wedding photography & videography. They took efforts to understand our needs, helped us in finalising our plans & then provided an amazing portfolio which we will cherish forever.

Thank you so much!


"I met Vibhuti and Rahul after seeing their work in Top wedding photographers feature in Vogue, just in time when I was planning my wedding. Just in the first meeting, both Karan and I knew we wanted them to work with us in our wedding. The energy and enthusiasm was equivalent to the kind of energy we needed. As we were planning our wedding on our own, they really understood what we wanted. The images, the videos were beyond beautiful, which reflected in each of our events. We couldn't have asked for more."


I came across The Lightsmiths when I happened to see one of their videos online & I exclaimed “That’s how a Wedding is Shot!!!"

From the first time I called them, I felt an instant connection with Vibhuti. She was patient, listened to exactly what I wanted & I was instantly at peace because I knew, I have made the right choice & boy!! Did they deliver!!

They were punctual, (actually, earlier than the time that I needed them to be there ), happy and so so comfortable to work with. They were not people who were filming our wedding. They became a part of our family who also happened to film our wedding! They blended so well. They checked up on me, my husband, my family and went over and beyond with what I expected from them. 

When we received our videos we could not have been happier. From the short film, to the long film, the videos were captured so so so so beautifully .. when you’re busy being the bride and groom it all goes by in a flash and there are so many bits you miss, so watching the film, interviews and seeing some of the behind the scenes was absolutely fantastic. We will forever treasure our videos, they made us laugh and cry happy tears and bring out so many emotions. I can’t thank them enough !! 

If you are considering getting your wedding filmed – absolutely do so! They will NOT let you down !


Working with The Lightsmiths for my wedding photography & videos was an amazing experience! They took the time to understand our taste & needs for the style of photographs beforehand & were very flexible & understanding in the lead up to the wedding.

Through the wedding days, they managed to capture all the best moments and were present without being intrusive and also providing lots of advice along the way.

The end products with the photos and videos has been mind blowing!! The final video that they have shared has captured all the right moments and feelings, while really being an extremely well edited video. Our friends and family still give us loads of compliments on it

Highly recommend working with The Lightsmiths to capture your special days in the best way!


Vibhuti & Rahul , it's been two months since the wedding! My parents are in the US and we are all in my in laws place right now. We were just watching the wedding video again and again. They keep wanting to see more and more. All I have to say is how good a job you guys did. The scenes chosen, the music, the editing, everything was just so so perfect. Everyone loves it too and that means so much to me. I'm so so Glad we got to work with you!! Seriously, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Dear Lightsmiths,

You guys are just so kind with your words and impeccable at your craft.

It's been so difficult to get over the magical wedding weekend, I know these will be our memories forever but your shots and timely captured moments will give us something tangible to hold on to for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Vibhuti & Rahul! You guys are pure talent!


The Lightsmiths from Mumbai were our wedding photographers. We really loved the way they did my wedding photography & video. We were totally impressed!


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